Dishkyaon Pictures: Gunshots, Bollywood, and Logo Design.

Dishkyaon is an onomatopoeia. (Yes. I looked it up on google. And yes, I had forgotten the word I had probably studied in a poetry class a while back in college.)

Onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the source of that sound that it describes.

Those of us who grew up in Hindi speaking - Bollywood watching families of India said "Dishkyaon!" instead of "Bang" when we were shooting at each other with toy guns.

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Experiencing Peace in the realm of html5, css3, and php

I have been wanting to brush up my html and css skills for a while. I really want to learn to use Twitter Bootstrap better. I have tried, and failed repeatedly. Bootstrap is so humongous and detailed that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the labyrinths of CSS.
So recently a little project came up at work. We are running a radio ad on KAZU 90.3 fm for the upcoming retreats for Spring 2014 at Vajrapani. But Vajrapani is a hard word to pronounce, and it is even harder to know how to spell it if you hear it for the first time. A lot of people hear Rogerpani instead. Most importantly, a lot of people don't even know what Rogerpani/Vajrapani is.

So we decided to purchase the url, and direct our radio listeners to that. Everybody can spell the words and everyone understands experience and peace.

I started working on a landing page immediately. We wanted to create a landing page that will redirect visitors to the individual retreat registration pages. We wanted to create a landing page to express the sense of peace, quiet, and solitude on the land at Vajrapani. At the same time, we wanted the landing page to be modern and minimalistic.

This is what I came up with.

I will post more in detail about how I put this landing page together by getting help and guidance from my buddy Dario (amazing programmer and designer at, lurking on stackoverflow, w3schools, and some other resources I found on google.

To be honest, I have intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS. I know how CSS and HTML tie into each other but I was amazed at finding all the new graphic capabilities of CSS3. I was amazed at how you can create drop shadows, change opacity levels of images, create transitions for images solely through coding. This just blew my mind. I even managed to squeeze in a little php for the background image randomizer.

I love CSS3 and HTML5. I am excited to learn more and see what I can do with it.

duumra: flat logos, longshadows and old friends.

We heard about this Compassion and Technology Contest  being organized by Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford. According to their website:

The Compassion and Technology Contest is a call for innovators, engineers and designers to present a technology design or product that will help people learn, practice, and/or improve one or more of the following qualities: compassion, empathy, social connectedness and altruism.

So we decided to give it a shot and make an app that will help a lot of people get the benefits of meditation while having fun.

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Surfing and the Art of Logo Design


I was asked by the UWC Tibet group (Tibetan UWC Students' Organization) to design a seal for them. We wanted to give out completion certificates to fellow Tibetan students who had competed in some of our summer outreach programs.

I readily agreed with enthusiasm and started thinking about designing the seal. There were a few initial design challenges.

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How I work

I have taken various design projects like designing a logo for a friend's non-profit in Colombia to starting my own tshirt line.

my studio/wall

my studio/wall

My design process goes something like this. 

  1. I start by trying to define/understand as much as possible about the problem which can involve reading about a country, its culture, and colors on wikipedia and google to rapid brainstorming/sketching sessions.
  2. After I have soaked up enough information and had enough sketching sessions on my desk, I let the problem, there is no non-cliche way to say this, ferment in my brain. I take a long walk, watch or play soccer, check facebook, cook or surf. Sometimes even for a few weeks. I might get ideas every now and then. I jot them down in my journal.
  3. After things have fermented enough, I start working on the design and try to work in a very visual way. I try to express an emotion or an idea through the forms of shapes.
  4. Eventually I get a few different sketches/options and then I narrow them down to one or two.
  5. Finally I try to refine the final design idea. (Warning: Sometimes it is very easy to ruin a great design or a painting by trying to refine it too much.)

So that's it. This is how my design/creative process works. Of course, it is much more complex than that and it will change as I continue to learn and grow.

I will post visual samples of my design process on some of the work I have done so far, and also write stuff about my design philosophy and the things that inspire me.